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Cannabis Pollen Bank?

Why did Start Right Genetics start a cannabis pollen bank?

We decided to start the worlds first Cannabis pollen bank to ensure that the cannabis genetics will always be preserved for future generations.

Also, marijuana breeding takes a lot of effort and space; in order to breed the next legendary strain you need pollen. We take the space requirements off your hands.

The amount of pollen produced by one male is much more than the average breeder will ever need – by using our cannabis pollen bank you maximize your space and breeding efforts.

Start Right Genetics makes the process of buying cannabis pollen simple easy and safe. We recommend that you contact us with any questions or comments. We will gladly help walk you through the process of selecting the right cannabis pollen to breed with your female cannabis plant. Once you have selected your cannabis pollen, we have a wide variety of payment options.  If the pollen is available we will ship it that day.