Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is Cannabis pollen viable?

Cannabis pollen is viable for as long as it is stored properly. Start Right Genetics only stores Cannabis Pollen for one week after harvest then shipped after we have done a storage viability check. Start Right Genetics has Cannabis pollen it has properly stored for three years and more that we use for personal breeding.

The major contributing factors to the degradation of pollen are light and moisture. Temperature is another contributor, but much less than the first two listed.

Q: How should I store Cannabis pollen?

Start Right Genetics recommends using the Cannabis pollen as soon as you receive the Cannabis pollen in the mail. If you plan to store the Cannabis pollen for a short time, keep the Cannabis pollen in a cool, dark place. Start Right Genetics recommends storing the cannabis pollen in the refrigerator for up to three months. For longer storage place the Cannabis pollen in the freezer. Let the Cannabis pollen come to room temp before use.

Q: What are your shipping policies?

We ship within 7-21 days due to supply and processing.

Q: How will my product be shipped?

Your product will be shipped in a discreet envelope. We ship overnight in North America and 3-5 days internationally.

Q: How can I request a refund?

Just contact us and tell us why you were unsatisfied.

Q: Do you offer product guarantees?

Yes we do.

Q: How is this legal?

The percentage of THC is 0%, which is under the DEA’s guidelines.

Q: How many seeds can I expect from a vial of pollen?

Start Right Genetics has done various Cannabis pollen counts under a microscope and have determined there is around 3000 Cannabis pollen spores in each vial of Cannabis pollen. Start Right Genetics has done numerous breeding runs with our Cannabis pollen and the Cannabis seed count is between 1000-2500 cannabis seeds. Start Right Genetics has found that it really depends on how many plants and how closely the Cannabis plants are together. Start Right Genetics also recommends that if you want more cannabis seeds produced from a vial of Cannabis pollen to simply open pollinate, “open the vial and pour the vial of Cannabis pollen slowly out in front of a fan in the room”. If you have questions on how many Cannabis seeds will a vial of Cannabis pollen produce please feel free to contact Start Right Genetics.

Q: Does Start Right Genetics test viability of the pollen?

Yes. Start Right Genetics uses Triphenyl Tetrazolium Chloride (TTC) method. We add the TTC solution and observe under a photonic microscope. The pollen that is viable will be dark red and the non-viable pollen grains will be a paler color.

Q: How Much Limited Release Cannabis Pollen is produced?

Start Right Genetics offers 100 vials of the limited release Cannabis pollen for sale of each strain. Any remaining pollen will be used in our breeding program and not sold. We take our reputation seriously here at Start Right Genetics. You can rest assured that we take the quality and production of these strains with utmost care.

If you have any questions on limited release Cannabis pollen feel free to contact Start Right Genetics. Click Here To View Our LRP